Be Apart of the 2016 Tour Championship

THE PACIFIC CUP awards recognize in golf over the entire season.


A season ending PACIFIC CUP DIVISION CHAMPION is determined for each
age division based on tournament points earned throughout the season


At our final tournament of the season, THE PACIFIC CUP PLAYOFF, PLAYOFF CHAMPIONS are crowned in each division. This award is based only on performance at the PACIFIC CUP PLAYOFF. It is possible for a golfer to be a PACIFIC CUP season long champion AND be a playoff champion.


A  PACIFIC CUP PLAYER OF THE YEAR is determined for a boy and girl
recognizing their performance for the season. Our PLAYER OF THE YEAR
can come from any age division


Points for Pacific Tour Events

1st Place                   1600

2nd Place                  1200

3rd Place                   1000

4th Place                   850

5th Place                   700

6th Place                   550

7th Place                   400

8th Place                   300

9th Place                   200

10th Place                 100

Points for Pacific Tour QUALIFIER PREP Events

1st Place                   2000

2nd Place                  1600

3rd Place                   1350

4th Place                   1150

5th Place                   950

6th Place                   800

7th Place                   600

8th Place                   500

9th Place                   400

10th Place                 300

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